XBLA 求生指南 金手指 更新 t3fury +12


XBLA 求生指南 金手指 更新 t3fury +12



START+↑ 打开金手指菜单
Title ID 584113E8


Dpad Down(x4) - View All Codes
Dpad Up(x4) - Activate All Cheats
LB(x4) - Inf Stamina
LB(x3)+LT - Inf Chainsaw
RB(x4) - Inf Arrows
Y(x4) - Inf Medical Items
Y(x3)+X - Inf Craft Items
LT,RT,LT,RT - Inf Flame Stick
LB,RB,LB,RB - Inf Skill Points
X(x4) - No Hunger/Sleep/Thirst (3 in 1)
RT(x4) - Inf Health
LT(x4) - Inf Ammo

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How To Survive Trainer Update.rar  [143]
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How To Survive Trainer Update.rar (提取码:ce76) [136]


BACK+START 打开金手指菜单
Title ID: 584113E8
Media ID: 1052EEE3


TU: 0
Compatible Dashboards: All
GOD Mode
INF Stamina
XP Mod
Skill points Mod
Weapon Stays on Fire
INF Ammo
INF Hunger
INF Thirst
Unlock Potions at any point in the game (all 3 of them)
INF Potions (all 3 of them)
No Reload
INF Tiredness
Enable all Mods
Disable all Mods

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---XYZMods.com----How to Survive XBLATrainer.rar  [219]
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---XYZMods.com----How to Survive XBLATrainer.rar  [156]


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