Cave Story 3D / 洞窟物語 3D 日,美,歐 金手指 NTR CFW ioritree

Cave Story 3D / 洞窟物語 3D 日,美,歐 金手指 NTR CFW ioritree


Cave Story 3D

Game Title ID:
000400000004a100(USA) ver:1.0
000400000004d200(PAL) ver:1.0
0004000000084c00(JPN) ver:1.0

1. 體力不減 (Infinite Health)
2. 潛水不減 (Infinite Dive)
3. 彈藥不減 (Infinite Ammo)
4. 快速升級 (Weapon lv up faster)
5. 無限跳躍 (Moon Jump)*

無限跳躍:啟用後,跳躍至最高點時在按"B"比較有效果 如影片
Moon Jump:push "B" button will jump again same as video

ioritree's 3DS NTR CFW Trainer  [2015-08-07]



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  1. avatar 七支剑 博主


    • avatar Duyes 游客 3

      @七支剑 大神,洞窟物语更新中文版了:)要不要咱也更新一下哈

  2. avatar eco95 永久VIP 5

    Super awesome! Supporting All Regions ROCKS!!!

    Another new trainer that supports USA and EUR versions!

    No need to complain there aren’t many USA/EUR trainers anymore! haha~~

    • avatar optantic 永久VIP 5

      @eco95 all your 20+ trainers are usa versions lol

      • avatar eco95 永久VIP 5

        @optantic so are all your trainers~ ha~ ^_^
        I’m glad that Master ioritree finally joined USA/EUR regions. haha~

        • avatar optantic 永久VIP 5

          @eco95 3DS – 山脊赛车3D 汉化版
          go go go

          • avatar eco95 永久VIP 5

            @optantic Oh yeah!!! I am downloading now.
            very slow speed now. only 10 kb haha

            I will test your trainer and see if it works! ^_^
            Then, you can release it and make everyone super happy! :mrgreen:

            • avatar optantic 永久VIP 5

              @eco95 many people will be unhappy

              • avatar eco95 永久VIP 5

                @optantic why??
                Your trainer is working on JPN + EUR + USA + CHS versions!

                Everyone should be SUPER Happy! I am ULTRA Happy! :grin: ^_^

                • avatar 七支剑 博主

                  @eco95 wait for release

                • avatar optantic 永久VIP 5

                  @eco95 wow, the programmers must be so lazy, 1 address for all hahaha
                  you tested it on ntr 1.0?

                  • avatar eco95 永久VIP 5

                    @optantic NTR v.1 tested on JPN + EUR + USA with O3DS + GW. All OK (long time ago)
                    NTR v.3 tested on JPN + CHS with N3DS + GW. Both are OK!

                    • avatar optantic 永久VIP 5

                      @eco95 then you can release the trainer, I forgot which file I use to build lol

                      • avatar eco95 永久VIP 5

                        @optantic sure, I will post it for you~ ^_^

                        Thank you so much for the public release! :wink:

                        • avatar optantic 永久VIP 5

                          @eco95 do you have the file date? I thought old trainer (more than 5 months old) doesn’t work on 3.0

                          • avatar eco95 永久VIP 5

                            @optantic NTR v.1 (2015/02/09) The Old one doesn’t support NTR 2.x / 3.x

                            so, I used the converter to convert it and luckily it’s working for this trainer! ^_^

                            (I mentioned it in 360haven pm ^_^)

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  5. avatar Tyo 游客 3

    the download link doesnt work, it doesnt ask for (cm12) password! instead it keeps giving me captcha over and over again. the same thing happens with story of seasons and resident evil rev. download links…

  6. avatar Duyes 会员 3


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