XBLA CAPCOM街机合集 金手指 optantic +xx Beta2


XBLA CAPCOM街机合集 金手指 optantic +xx Beta2


optantic +xx Beta2
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Title ID:58411259
1. 1942 : Lives, PowerUp, InfLoop, Invincible
2. 1943 : HP, Invincible, Inf Weapons
3. 1943 Kai : HP, Invincible, Inf Weapons
4. Avengers : Lives, HP, Inf Time
5. Black Tiger : Lives, Max Weapon/Armor,GP,Potion,Keys
6. Commando : Lives, Grenades, Invincible
7. Ghosts 'n Goblins : Lives, Armor, Invincible, Inf Time
8. Gun Smoke : Lives, Shotgun, Rifle, Invincible (have Horse) (Warning: Disable cheat after beaten final boss if you want to continue playing for a 2nd run, game will continue after the ending)
9. Legendary Wings : Lives, Invincible, Inf Time
10. Pirate Ship Higemaru : Lives
11. Savage Bees : Lives, Bombs, Invincible
12. Section Z : Lives, Max Power, Invincible
13. Side Arms : Lives, All Weapons, hold LT for Invincible (Warning do not hold LT when pick up α and β. After Robots are Combined, push LT 1 time for Invincible)
14. Son Son : Lives
15. The Speed Rumbler : Lives, Inf Time
16. Trojan : Lives, HP, Inf Time
17. Vulgus : Lives, Bombs, Invincible'
Too lazy to make 17 Cheat Menu for all 17 Games, so all cheats are combined together into 1 menu.
Note: Not fully tested. Codes might not work if condition changes
Note2: Only Tested on All DLCs (total 17 Games)
Input same # to Disable All Cheats for that game before switching game

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