XBLA 僵尸必须死 金手指 t3fury +6


XBLA 僵尸必须死 金手指 t3fury +6


t3fury +6
START+↑ 打开金手指菜单

Title ID 58411204
TU 0
十字键↓(x4) - View All Codes
LB(x4) - Easy XP/Credits
RB(x4) - Inf Smart Bombs
RT(x4) - Inf Health/Ammo
LT(x4) - Inf Upgrade Points
Don't activate Easy XP till after the second section (police station) otherwise the zombies will not drop the needed hamburger. You can activate it in the 1st area (before the 1st gate) and get max level (15) and disable it before moving on to the next area which is what i'd recommend.

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